Zero HP | Clean Boost + Dual Headphone Amp
Zero HP | Clean Boost + Dual Headphone Amp
Zero HP | Clean Boost + Dual Headphone Amp
Zero HP | Clean Boost + Dual Headphone Amp
Rabbit Hole FX

Zero HP | Clean Boost + Dual Headphone Amp

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Adding a bit of complexity to the Rabbit Hole Zero FX clean boost pedal, the Zero HP has headphone listening capability for 2 which is perfect for collaborative, focused demo listening and/or to get loud with your rig even in silent spaces, in addition to being all of that fully functional transparent single-knob boost/cut pedal that you already know and love.

Zero FX boost-function with line-out:

Unity Gain at ~ 11:00 on this one.

Dual Headphone Amplifier:

  • Two left side-mounted ¼ inch headphone jacks 
  • Headphone volume control knob that congruently adjusts volume to both outputs.
  • Always-on white diffused LED indicator below the volume knob indicates headphone amp function.
  • Zero FX switched on, sends affected signal through both the headphone amp and line-outputs.

Features Include:

  • Top-mounted input/output/power jack.
  • Industry standard 2.1mm 9VDC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery operation)
  • Small 125B sized pedalboard friendly enclosure.
  • Carling soft-switching relay-based True Bypass footswitch and all analog circuitry.
  • White diffused LED indicators
  • Enclosures are both machine and hand-polished to a mirror finish.
  • Durable and high-resolution UV Printed labeling and art.
  • Satin multi-purpose swag bag.
  • High quality parts used throughout for superior and consistent (silicone transistors) performance.
  • CE including ROHS compliance per European safety standards.
  • Forever Warranty. 

Note/disclosure: Rabbit Hole FX pedals are completely hand-made in-house including circuit design and assembly, enclosure polish/printing, final assembly, testing and packaging. You might notice a little variation in the look including artwork and knob selection sometimes, but we can assure that the pedal you see in the photo is the one you'll receive if purchased from us. The sound and functionality of Rabbit Hole FX pedals are consistent throughout unless otherwise noted, as replicability is a high priority in our process. 

The Rabbit Hole FX team thanks you from both USA & Germany, and we invite you to contact us anytime with questions and/or feedback and to purchase Rabbit Hole FX pedals from any of our trusted dealers or from us directly at

Cheers ~ 

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