The goal of Rabbit Hole FX is to create the most intensely satisfying sounds with the highest quality standards in design and construction of board-friendly stomp box effects pedals for live performance, studio and home use. We populate our circuit boards in-house using surface mount components, a hand pick-and-place machine and reflow soldering technique. We then hand-solder and assemble, test, package and ship pedals from our new production workshop aka the Rabbit Hole v2 in Alsbach, Germany while the engineers do mad-science between Durham, NC and the mountains of Virginia.

The Rabbit Hole likes to believe it's more than a pedals factory, but a music and sound-oriented mental and physical space where every form of creative expression and outlandish idea is openly entertained, encouraged and sometimes developed. Our vision is growing to encompass and promote success of the boutique pedal industry, and support the pursuits of artists.

We find visitors to the Rabbit Hole a pleasure to host, and welcome you to reach out and connect!

We are primarily :

~ Safia Harrison: Founder/Designer/Builder/Biz.

Frank Harrison: Engineer/Analog Wizard/Mentor.

Ed Hurt: Designer/Engineer/Support/Probably a Ninja.

~ Michael ALBEdyhl: Audio Engineer/Production Assist/Sales

Cheers ~

“Warum einfach, wenn es auch umständlich geht?”