Rabbit Hole FX products are warranted to be free of defects in parts and manufacturing for as long as we continue to exist. Please contact (USA) for assistance with warranty issues, (International)


We want to encourage for you to give our pedals a fair chance to impress, and no video demos, marketing or sound clips will give you a true feel for what you can do with or how our pedals sound plugged in with your own rig. In-person is best.

Therefore we'd like to offer you the opportunity to try (after) you buy for two weeks and if you don't love your pedal send it back in it's original condition and packaging for a full refund, you just cover shipping cost. Email for return shipping address, and if you feel inclined to say what you don't love about it your feedback is not only welcome but appreciated (!) 


In a world where music gear never breaks but fixes itself if ever it does, effects pedals don't exist. Sometimes shit happens, and we're here to help when it does. Drop us a line at with any issues (gear-related here of course, although we have many skills and try to keep open minds) and we'll plan together for a course of action. No charge for warranty issues just cover the cost of shipping, but please do not send anything to us until we've discussed the issue and quoted the cost of any warranty, repair or mod work to be done.


Rabbit Hole FX will never share your private information, including your address, email or phone number, with any third party, ever. We will only use your information to complete and communicate with you regarding your order. If you sign up for our news and updates, we will only use your email to send you information about Rabbit Hole FX and directly related info.