Zero FX | Clean Boost
Rabbit Hole FX

Zero FX | Clean Boost

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The first of Rabbit Hole FX's line of mini's, the Zero FX is a transparent single-knob boost/cut pedal:

  • Unity ~ 8:45, so ~ 75% of your twist is boost and ~ 25% cut.
  • Range ~ 4.7x boost at max and ~ 0.4x at min.
-3dB cutoff freq: point at which output falls to .707 of the input, is 26Hz => Highly functional across a wide range of input freq's but specifically for the bassists in the Rabbit Hole: low-end.
    Other Features Include:​
    • Side mounted input/output jacks

    • Industry standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery option)

    • Mini 1590A sized pedal board friendly enclosure

    • True Bypass, all analog circuitry

    • White LED indicator

    • High quality parts used throughout for reliability, durability and noise-free performance

    • Silver satin multi-purpose swag bag

    • Forever warranty.   

    Note/fair warning: the Zero FX enclosures are hand-painted/charred/whatever the f* we feel like doing at any given moment and because we like to play with new ideas and techniques sometimes, so each one looks either a little or a lot different from the one here in the photo. If you don't like the one you get, send it back or pass it on to someone who does, but we think you'll like the way it sounds enough to not really care about that sort of thing anyway.

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